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Net Neutrality, what does this mean for me?

Don't Break the Internet - Net Neutrality

The topic of ‘Net Neutrality’ is hot in the media at present, especially with the upcoming US FCC vote on February 26.  In essence, Net Neutrality is what keeps the internet fair for everyone, no special privileges for those who can pay (large corporations). If the result of the upcoming vote enables priority access, this can change the internet for everyone, even outside the US for us in the UK.

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Trends to Watch in 2015

Google created a great showreel video outlining what we as a planet searched for in 2014. There’s a vast amount we searched for to be inspired, as marketers we should be looking at how we interact with our customers in this way. There are a number of things we can do to inspire people with our services and products, by no means is there a silver bullet, but it does pose a good thinking point. We should be looking to captivate audiences using technology, and showcase the desire rather than the need.

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Be Safe Online This Christmas

Be CyberStreetWise - ApexCreate

Being safe online is something we should all be weary of, especially during the festive period when the threats are greater. There are simple steps we can all take to ensure we are as secure online as possible, check out the list below, for more information visit CyberStreetWise.

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