Your Customers Are, Are You?

We live each day in the moment, reacting to events and thoughts that occur in real time. Our ‘ultra-connected’ reality means that everyone can access everything, all the time. Whether we’re searching for a venue on our smartphones, whilst out and about; or spending time researching the next holiday on our laptops. It’s up to the business, retailer or  organisation to ensure they’re doing everything they can to be on screen at the time the customer needs you.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure you’re there for your customers in the moment they need you. Start by making a map of the moments you want to win your customers over on, or can’t afford to lose. Think about the ‘why’, the ‘when’, the ‘how’, rather than the product or service itself! If you need a tool for your Bank Holiday DIY, you’re more likely to search for the task itself and find out what other people are doing, or what’s being talked about, rather than search for the specific tool itself. It’s the context that brands need to think carefully about to ensure they are there in the moment for their customers.

Once you’ve understood the moments your brand is targeting, businesses need to start understanding the needs for that moment specifically.  Think about what would make the journey easier for the customer, what content or features would be most useful in this moment. Use this information to optimise your site for this moment, and focus any advertising or marketing.

Delivering the right experience is also important as it can make a huge difference when converting visitors to customers. Use elements like time of day, or location to deliver personalised, tailor-made experiences for the moment. For example, why not let customers know when they can collect items from your store, or when they are back in stock?

Sieze the Day - ApexCreate

Is your website optimised for all devices now and in the future?

We all use a vast array of devices, moving seamlessly from screen to screen. Does your website operate seamlessly in this respect? Don’t let your website underperform for some devices, think about the types of devices such as, smartphones, tablets, desktops, large screens. If a customer is using one or the other, how are they likely to think? When using smartphones, visitors might be short of time, therefore require only the most important information. Does your website dynamically take this into consideration?

Are you measuring your performance? Do you have analytics in place to measure what visitors are doing? Where they’re going? What they’re clicking and when they’re leaving? If you have analytics, great! It’s important to ensure you’re using the information to further refine and develop how you are presenting your proposition to your customers. Carpe Diem, Seize the day..Seize the moment!

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