Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard

Apart from looking a tad silly, Google Cardboard is actually an innovative way of turning your smartphone into a virtual reality headset. You may be thinking it’s a bit odd, or even a gimmick, but seriously, this is big!

What is it?

It starts life resembling the remains of your kid’s arts and crafts session, but once it’s been folded up, it becomes a virtual reality headset. You’ll need to download the Google Cardboard app, which splits your smartphone’s screen into two halves, one for each eye. Within Google Cardboard you’ll have access to download various apps, some will allow you to tour London, whilst others will place you at Paul McCartney’s live gig.

Check out the video below which explains the concept well.

How do I get it?

You can purchase a pre-made viewer from Amazon or eBay by searching for Google Cardboard Viewers. If you’re feeling ‘crafty’ you can make your own out of cardboard, you’ll just need some lenses to finish it off.

Download the Template

Our View

We think this is a very cool bit of kit! Especially considering you can pick these things up for around £10 on Amazon or eBay. At the moment they aren’t much more than a bit of entertainment. However, we feel that this could change a lot of things we’re used to. Imagine being able to look around a property you’re trying to buy, or even video calls through this channel. It’s probably quite far off where we see it going, but in the meantime it’s definitely worth looking into. Have a laugh at the office, and all for less than £10. There’s also an app called ‘VR Cinema’ which allows you to view video content on your phone through your cardboard goggles. This is definitely something worth keeping an eye on, as we’re sure the price of the kit will encourage uptake from developers and users alike.


What do you think about Virtual Reality? Will you be trying it out?

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