Markup Structure

Markup Structure - ApexCreate

Markup structure is the way a search engine will access and read your site’s information. It mostly involves the heading tags [h1 to h2] but depending on the crawler, it can extend past these.

Your site’s structure could be fairly logical already. It may start with intro information and end with some form of call to action, like a contact form. However, having effective markup structure involves careful keyword placement in order to adopt best practice.

In order to create an effective markup structure try and follow these rules.

  • Use descriptive not generalised headings, <h1>Welcome</h1> isn’t descriptive enough, it could be if you included your company name or blog name.
  • Use site keywords where possible.
  • Don’t keyword stuff (using keywords where they don’t work).
  • Stick to one <h1> tag per <header><nav><section><article><aside> or <footer>.
  • Use <h2> to <h6> for sub-content not for styling or taglines.

Make sure your content and headings stick to these structural points and you should be fine,  SEO should just fall into place following this (well.. some of it).


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