Favicon - ApexCreate

Favicons are the small icons that show at the top of a browser window for your website. Favicons help users identify your website at a glance, these are especially important in the ‘multi-tab’ culture we currently live in. It’s important to get these done first, as they can take a little while to render on your website.  An element of design is also required, so do bear this in mind when approaching a site launch, as it can be easily forgotten. There are multiple methods for creating a favicon, our prefered method is to create it in Photoshop (16×16 canvas), save it as a .png file and then convert it into an .ico using an online tool like this, http://www.convertico.com/. An alternative method is to use a tool such as, http://xaviesteve.com//pro/base64.php to convert the icon into base64, which you can paste directly into your site’s code.


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