Combine & Minify

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The process of minifying code is where all unnecessary line breaks, spaces and tabs are removed. The resulting code is shorter and therefore loads faster, equating to a better all-round site load speed. Combining code is where elements are put together, such as CSS stylesheets. Combining code has a big impact on load speed, as it reduces the number of requests to the server. Combining and minifying can be done by yourself manually, however plugins are readily available for most code editors to assist with this. Ensure your code is valid, invalid code will break after it’s been through the minifying process, even if it didn’t show any errors before. This stage is very important, in this day and age, loading and waiting is negative. Where possible, we need to ensure that websites load as fast as possible. The visitor expects a fast load time and so do search engines, your ranking will be penalised if your website takes a long time to load. Use an online tool such as CSS Minify to shrink your CSS stylesheets.


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